Can’t believe how much time flies by wh

31 05 2012

Can’t believe how much time flies by when I’m not paying attention. Almost 2 yrs since I posted on my blog. So sad 😦


true blood sucks (it’s a vampire joke!) – it rocks :)

26 08 2010


i just started getting into true blood over the last month or so and i’ve got to say that i wish i had started watching it from the beginning!  i have to admit that i didn’t know what to expect when i first starting watching it.  all i did know is that i didn’t want to be watching more twilight crap vampire themes that tend to disappoint me.  but i find that the characters, coupled with great vampire sex and violence story arcs, are really engaging 🙂

if i was to have one small criticism of true blood it would be that there are not enough hot women on the show.  don’t get me wrong, i love watching anna paquin naked as much as the next guy, but let’s mix it up a bit more.  and i know we’re in the deep south but throw an asian girl down there…give her some fangs.  could be fun!

since the episodes i saw recently were so good i decided to watch the series from the beginning.  good move!  and it only took three days of gettting straight home from work, not eating or working out to get through and caught up 🙂  unfortunately there are only 2 more episodes left in the season…then what am i to do?   any suggestions?

surrogates – review

1 10 2009

hr_exclusive_surrogates_posterwent to see surrogates with bruce willis last night…ok, that doesn’t sound right because, well, bruce wasn’t actually with me.  moving on.  i was pretty excited to see one of the few new sci-fi movies and i went with high hopes!  this review may seem like it’s going down the path of “it sucked” but read on…you may be surprised or not.

a quick breakdown on the plot:  guy invents surry’s (short lang for surrogates) which are essentially robots that you control with your mind.  think of virtual reality but instead of having experiences within an artificial computer landscape, your surrogate lets you experience actual life in the real world as you sit at home in the comfort of your chair at home.  the beginning of the movie shows all the newspapers and tv stories on how it comes to pass that within 14 years 98% of society live their lives through their surry.  advantages?  lower crime rate (i don’t know why), low rate of std’s being passed (ok, until robots get diseases i get this point), people in wheelchairs can walk, you don’t have to worry about getting physically hurt so you can try anything, etc…you get the idea why everyone wants one 😉

then we witness some this guy stalk and kill someone who turns out to be the son of the inventor of  surrogates.  first murder in years!  the rub lies in the fact that it’s no secret that surrogates can get killed (or deactivated, crushed, shot, etc) but their owners will be safe at home.  this time though, whatever the stalker used to kill the surrogate also killed the surrogate owner by frying and liquefying their brains.  holy cow, how safe can surrogates be then?  will there be panic in the streets?  on the case though are fbi agents tom greer (bruce willis) and his partner peters (radha mitchell).  always nice to see what new hairpiece bruce will be sporting.  this time a lovely blonde piece that looks like a throwback from leave it to beaver.

on the flipside of the coin we have the “dreads” who are humans who ‘just say no’ to robots.  the “dreads” are led by the ‘prophet’ (played deadpan and boring by ving rhames).  the prophet condemns surrogates as an abomination and incites humans to rise up and take back what it means to be human!  but you can really forget about this because it’s part of the story that serves the plot but isn’t explored at the end (the alluded to ‘contrived’ at the end of the review 😉 )

so there are all the players (for the most part)…let the action and intrigue begin!

in the end, is this movie worth the $12 to see it in the theaters?  well to me it seemed like i’d seen this movie before.  it felt like “the sixth day” with people having no fear of dying because they can just put their memories and such into the next clone of themselves.  it also had an i, robot feel in the artificial look and stiffness of the robots characters.

there were a few inconsistencies that didn’t leave me feeling good by the end.  everyone is only allowed to be linked to one surrogate however you can go to what amounts to a dollar store and hook yourself up with a replacement if you want (hey!  is that guy from 90210! lol!)  as well, as much as they try to twist and turn the plot so that the audience doesn’t know the reason behind murders, we really figure it out quite quickly because it’s so fricken obvious!  my fav phrase from the movie was “meat bag” (the name that people in their surrogate form call humans that don’t use surrogates) and of course i immediately put it to use on my gf because, well, she is one!  lol!  don’t get mad!  we all are!

overall i give this movie 3.5 kicks to the balls out of 5.  if they had tried to make sure all the lose ends (most of which some i can’t get into without a spoiler alert) were tied and didn’t try to go with such a contrived ending, i would have gone to 4.

kick to the ballskick to the ballskick to the ballskick to the balls

the proposal – not a review

25 09 2009

proposalit’s now almost the end of september and i still have to come up with a killer marriage proposal!  i feel the ticking of the clock and seems to be speeding up.  liza doesn’t want me to propose before her exams because she’ll be distracted – like she has a choice!  lol!  she’s just lucky i’m a proficient procrastinator still thinking about it 😉

so first is a question of when.  what day?  is one day better than the next?  i don’t want her to see it coming although at this point anything i do will seem like it’s a lead-up to the big question popping event.  it’s going to be a bitch to try and surprise her.  i think my best bet is trying to get her girlfriends to get her out somewhere and me tagging along reluctantly.  that she may not suspect.  and then i spring a big party on her!  or do i try the low key deal?  or the romantical deal?  or the quarterback sneak?  f*ck!  i don’t know!!  this is way more stressful than i thought it’d be 😦

suggestions from you ethereal internet peeps?  i figure someone’s got to have a cool idea.  maybe i have to promote my blog enough to get people to read this and give me some unique proposal that’s never been done!

check this out!  i found possibly the lamest way an interesting way to propose ->  Marriage Proposal Jigsaw Puzzles!  lol!  ok, back to thinking…

streetfighter: the legend of chun-li – review

24 09 2009

streetfighter posterok, just rented this movie last night and i was tentative whether i’d actually review this piece of crap movie.  actually the only reason i watched it in the first place was on a recommendation from my buddy darcy who said “it’s pretty good so far” to which i initially replied “have you even finished the opening credits yet?”.  i should have stood fast to my gut feeling because this is one of the kinds of movies that makes you say – i can become a millionaire making movies!  why?  because i sure enough can make better sh*t than this 😉

i have to say i’m usually a fan of martial art type movies and couple that with my smallville crush kristin kreuk and terminator: salvation’s sexy moon bloodgood, you’d think it might not be half bad.  well i guess i was right…it was half bad.  and the other half was bad too.  essentially making a whole bad movie.  so what makes this so bad?  great question!  streetfighter is based on the video game of the same name but focuses on chun-li (kruek’s character) whose  father is kidnapped for some unknown (but by the end of the movie turns out to be lame) reason by bad-ass kingpin of crime (neal mcdonough).  we follow chun-li as she eventually finds gen (robin shou) who teaches her a save this until you’re almost dead defeated then use it kung fu stuff that will help her defeat bad guys.

so where does moongood fit in?  unfortunately with can’t overact his way out of a paper bag chris klein from american pie shame fame.  this unnecessary subplot involves klein and moongood playing investigators looking for the bad guy who took out the crime syndicate heads in bangkok.  they also have this sexual tension that i think is there to spice up an otherwise very g-rated movie.  it doesn’t work.

in my opinion, all the characters are played too over the top with the unfortunate exception of kreuk who underplayed her character so much that it made chun-li boring and unbelievable as a heroine.  there was some interesting fight scenes but not enough to warrant any type of recommendation.  overall i give this movie 1 kick to the balls out of 5.   it would’ve got zero but moongood had a good wardrobe throughout the movie 😉

kick to the balls


21 09 2009

29 giftsso i came across this video when researching some motivational material and i thought it was an interesting concept…and it really makes sense – give selflessly and you never know what you’ll get back.  cami, the founder of, started the concept of giving 29 gifts in 29 days.  check out her inspirational story through that link 🙂

kanye vs [insert name]

16 09 2009

interestingly enough the controversy over kanye’s outburst on the vma’s is still in full swing.  everytime i check a twitter post or read some celebrity blog i read or hear some sampling of kanye telling someone that beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!  lol!  i think i’ll just keep the proliferation of crap going because i think it was quite the douche move on kanye’s part regardless of his endless apologies…grow up dude!  anyway the best of the videos i found are listed here:





and this one was funny but tasteless at the same time.