damn my girlfiend

15 08 2009

in my experience the words girlfriend and tyrant can be in the same sentence. today that is the case; rather it’s always the case when she gets it in her head to down to Seattle on a “shopping” excursion. this will inevitably happen on a saturday morning after I go out and party on a Friday. this weekend is no different. last nite we went out “together” which is rare for a Friday because that’s my nite with the boys. but it was our friend’s anniversary so we went together.

I should preface this by saying she said we might not be going down because of some game that was happening down there and the border lineup would be crazy. I took this as “we’re probably not going” and partied accordingly. unfortunately what this meant is we’re going and instead of waking up at 6am (which is way to early for saturday anyway) we’ll get up at 630am. crap!

so at 630 she sitting on top of me in bed all chipper, dressed, and ready to tackle the American malls. I’m hoping that it’s all just a bad dream. nope! tyrant girl is now in army drill sergeant mode! “get up! let’s go go go! the border is still not busy!” lies…we both know that by the time we drive there it’ll be busy.

so here we are at the pacific truck crossing with a hour and a half wait.

things to note:

1. she forgot her phone so it will be hard for me to take off to whatever stores I want to go to because she can’t just call me when she’s done at forever 21. going to be a long day.

2. I spilled coffee on my fricken white t-shirt so now I have to buy something or look like a slob the rest of the day. sucks.

3. micky d’s in the morning is always good. especially since they changed their coffee to the newer premium brand!

I hate coffee stains!




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