i love you, man – review

21 08 2009

i_love_you_man just watched ‘i love you, man’ which stars paul rudd and jason segel.  for the most part it was hilarious!  basically the story is about a guy who’s getting married and he doesn’t have any close guy friends; he realizes this when he overhears his fiance talking with her girlfriends about the wedding party and a lack of representation on his side.  so he starts ‘man-dates’ trying to find a best friend.  there are a few fun scenes with him trying to find his best friend the best being at a poker game with the husband [played by jon favreau] of one of his fiance’s best girlfriends as  he tries to fit in by drinking and it culminates in projectile vomit scene that i must have laughed out loud for a good minute after it was over!

i found that the male bonding scenes are the stuff me and my group of guys would typically do.  especially stuff we talk about in the “man-cave”.  after one scene, my gf asked me when the last time i masturbated was.  unbelievable!  i told her even if i did [and everybody does!] i’d never tell her.  watch the movie and it’ll make more sense 😉

anyway, the movie is pretty funny all around.  it’s got a great cast including andy samberg, thomas lennon, jamie pressly, and even lou ‘the incredible hulk’ ferrigno who plays himself.  i’d give it a 3.5 kicks to the balls out of 5.  and just to explain the kicks to the balls rating system, the more kicks you’d take to the balls to watch a movie, the better the movie must have been.

kick to the balls kick to the balls kick to the balls kick to the balls




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