ring in hand

21 08 2009

so i finally picked up the “ring”!  i put the “ring” in quotations because it’s still unreal; at least it feels unreal still.  i can’t believe that i spent so much on something so small.  but it’s what she likes and damn if i don’t love her enough to get what she wants.  actually i’m pretty sure she wanted something BIGGER but according to my jeweler, that’s something i can put off for later save for an anniversary 🙂

and now i have to figure out how to give it to her.  do i set up something elaborate or have a romantical [yes i know it’s not a real word] intimate thing?  i know she’d like anything that doesn’t draw attention to her something small but i haven’t waited all these years to do small.  originally i had in mind a hall, a band, all our friends, a video compilation, and some karaoke but i don’t know how realistic that will be to get together.  next i’m thinking scavenger hunt but that’s a bit [insert word that means too obvious].  whatever i do i have to do it relatively soon.  i’m terrible at procrastination and i don’t want to do that!

i’m wondering if i should post pics of the ring here.  part of me thinks it’s cool but the other part says she’d be pissed that the world got to see the ring before she did.  i think i’ll hold off.  good call huh 😉




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