‘stay’cation…you never know what you’ll find

31 08 2009
we made it!

"stay"cation idea - hiking mount seymour

i wanted to get at least one more post in before the end of august.  it’s been a busy week because liza had some vacation and we decided we’d do the “staycation” thing instead of spending a lot of money travelling.  although she did try to convince me to go to hawaii about a half a dozen times as well as vegas and mexico.  she almost settled for portland but i convinced her the cost of even the smallest vacation would be more than i could afford to do right now.  she knows i’m starting to look at what’s out there job-wise so she reluctantly agreed to do things around town for the week.


so when it was all said and done we ended up having a pretty good time!  we hiked mount seymour with the dogs, saw a black bear, almost got lost, and sustained only a couple bug bites.  it was a gorgeous day for it too!  we saw district 9 which i’ll post a review of later (awesome movie!).  we tried out a few new restaurants including a little japanese ramen place on denman called ‘kintaro’ [the food was fast and tasty] and a organic breakfast place on commercial street [delicious as well].  we also went to the pne with a couple friends and checked out the marketplace [aka stuff you see on tv like shamwow] and also did the usual mini donuts and deep fried foods…ugh!  so bad…but so good!  then we did a little shopping around town and next thing you know she was back to work today 😦


it was a good time for sure!  you can never underestimate what you can do in your own backyard if you really look around 🙂




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