yes dear. you’re right.

14 09 2009

Top Gunlast night i went out to top gun in crystal mall.  it’s a hotpot restaurant that is pretty decent.  for about $30 [with tip included] you can eat all the seafood, meat, and veggies you want to cook.  pretty sly for whomever invented the hotpot restaurant…we prep everything and drop it off at your table and YOU do all the cooking!  lol!  oh well, it was delicious.

went out basically for my gf’s friend’s birthday.  in the past she’s accused me said i don’t go out with her and her friends at all and i totally disagreed with her!  there were times…i can’t really remember all of them…ok, maybe i don’t go out as often as she goes out with me and my friends!  :p  i figured in the end she was right and i should join her on occasion.  you should know though that her usual times out are no boys allowed girls nights, so i obviously don’t go.  honestly i sometimes don’t find i have much to talk about with her girlfriends…maybe we lack similar interests or a common background.  who knows.  maybe it’s because i don’t go out enough with them to create a good relationship dialogue.  hmmmm.  food for thought.

anyways, last night was cool.  i didn’t know most of the people there but nonetheless there was good conversation and i had a great time.  mostly though i think it made liza happy that i came out and socialized…now they know she has a flesh and blood boyfriend and hasn’t been making me up to keep herself from looking lonely.  lol!




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14 09 2009

Ha ha, so liza is your girlfriend’s name. Is she a muslim? Well, just curiosity. Do you guys live together? I mean, can you meet everyday? If you do, then I must say you are lucky (if your love is true). This is something not everyone gets.

14 09 2009

she’s not muslim and yeah we live together…for better or worse 😉 or at least that’s what they’ll say once we’re married…lol!

15 09 2009

You guys live together…that’s the most important thing. I must say you’re lucky enough in your relationship. If you look at me, you’ll see that I love someone more than anything else I can think of. But unfortunately she is living in a different country for her study and won’t be able to live with me until we get married. That’s about 8 years to go.

Oh, no!!

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