the proposal – not a review

25 09 2009

proposalit’s now almost the end of september and i still have to come up with a killer marriage proposal!  i feel the ticking of the clock and seems to be speeding up.  liza doesn’t want me to propose before her exams because she’ll be distracted – like she has a choice!  lol!  she’s just lucky i’m a proficient procrastinator still thinking about it 😉

so first is a question of when.  what day?  is one day better than the next?  i don’t want her to see it coming although at this point anything i do will seem like it’s a lead-up to the big question popping event.  it’s going to be a bitch to try and surprise her.  i think my best bet is trying to get her girlfriends to get her out somewhere and me tagging along reluctantly.  that she may not suspect.  and then i spring a big party on her!  or do i try the low key deal?  or the romantical deal?  or the quarterback sneak?  f*ck!  i don’t know!!  this is way more stressful than i thought it’d be 😦

suggestions from you ethereal internet peeps?  i figure someone’s got to have a cool idea.  maybe i have to promote my blog enough to get people to read this and give me some unique proposal that’s never been done!

check this out!  i found possibly the lamest way an interesting way to propose ->  Marriage Proposal Jigsaw Puzzles!  lol!  ok, back to thinking…




2 responses

25 09 2009

Good luck. Thanks for the comment on my blog. If you do go the blog route, let me know and I;ll follow along. I’m a sucker for a good romantic story. (Except they’ve not posted in a while — hope the wedding plans are still going forward.)

1 10 2009

From an ethereal internet peep that knows someone quite well…..
Get on with it.

A suggestion:

Prior to Liza’s final exam day, go see her Instructor. Tell him/her that you
want to propose to Liza and really catch her by surprise.
So, when Liza hands in her final exam to the Instructor, she/he will tell her that there’s been some kind of screw up in one of her prior tests and that she needs to go see Mr. X about clearing it up. And he’s in room ????.

Of course, you will be in hidden in that room (this is a meeting room at BCIT), and your proposal will be hidden on the chalk board or on a flipchart…
use your creativity and fill in the blanks that you will have to explore at BCIT.
I think Liza will be very worried about “how she might have screwed up”, so a marriage proposal will be a really happy moment for her..:>)

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