the proposal – not a review

25 09 2009

proposalit’s now almost the end of september and i still have to come up with a killer marriage proposal!  i feel the ticking of the clock and seems to be speeding up.  liza doesn’t want me to propose before her exams because she’ll be distracted – like she has a choice!  lol!  she’s just lucky i’m a proficient procrastinator still thinking about it 😉

so first is a question of when.  what day?  is one day better than the next?  i don’t want her to see it coming although at this point anything i do will seem like it’s a lead-up to the big question popping event.  it’s going to be a bitch to try and surprise her.  i think my best bet is trying to get her girlfriends to get her out somewhere and me tagging along reluctantly.  that she may not suspect.  and then i spring a big party on her!  or do i try the low key deal?  or the romantical deal?  or the quarterback sneak?  f*ck!  i don’t know!!  this is way more stressful than i thought it’d be 😦

suggestions from you ethereal internet peeps?  i figure someone’s got to have a cool idea.  maybe i have to promote my blog enough to get people to read this and give me some unique proposal that’s never been done!

check this out!  i found possibly the lamest way an interesting way to propose ->  Marriage Proposal Jigsaw Puzzles!  lol!  ok, back to thinking…


yes dear. you’re right.

14 09 2009

Top Gunlast night i went out to top gun in crystal mall.  it’s a hotpot restaurant that is pretty decent.  for about $30 [with tip included] you can eat all the seafood, meat, and veggies you want to cook.  pretty sly for whomever invented the hotpot restaurant…we prep everything and drop it off at your table and YOU do all the cooking!  lol!  oh well, it was delicious.

went out basically for my gf’s friend’s birthday.  in the past she’s accused me said i don’t go out with her and her friends at all and i totally disagreed with her!  there were times…i can’t really remember all of them…ok, maybe i don’t go out as often as she goes out with me and my friends!  :p  i figured in the end she was right and i should join her on occasion.  you should know though that her usual times out are no boys allowed girls nights, so i obviously don’t go.  honestly i sometimes don’t find i have much to talk about with her girlfriends…maybe we lack similar interests or a common background.  who knows.  maybe it’s because i don’t go out enough with them to create a good relationship dialogue.  hmmmm.  food for thought.

anyways, last night was cool.  i didn’t know most of the people there but nonetheless there was good conversation and i had a great time.  mostly though i think it made liza happy that i came out and socialized…now they know she has a flesh and blood boyfriend and hasn’t been making me up to keep herself from looking lonely.  lol!

‘stay’cation…you never know what you’ll find

31 08 2009
we made it!

"stay"cation idea - hiking mount seymour

i wanted to get at least one more post in before the end of august.  it’s been a busy week because liza had some vacation and we decided we’d do the “staycation” thing instead of spending a lot of money travelling.  although she did try to convince me to go to hawaii about a half a dozen times as well as vegas and mexico.  she almost settled for portland but i convinced her the cost of even the smallest vacation would be more than i could afford to do right now.  she knows i’m starting to look at what’s out there job-wise so she reluctantly agreed to do things around town for the week.


so when it was all said and done we ended up having a pretty good time!  we hiked mount seymour with the dogs, saw a black bear, almost got lost, and sustained only a couple bug bites.  it was a gorgeous day for it too!  we saw district 9 which i’ll post a review of later (awesome movie!).  we tried out a few new restaurants including a little japanese ramen place on denman called ‘kintaro’ [the food was fast and tasty] and a organic breakfast place on commercial street [delicious as well].  we also went to the pne with a couple friends and checked out the marketplace [aka stuff you see on tv like shamwow] and also did the usual mini donuts and deep fried foods…ugh!  so bad…but so good!  then we did a little shopping around town and next thing you know she was back to work today 😦


it was a good time for sure!  you can never underestimate what you can do in your own backyard if you really look around 🙂

another one bites the dust

24 08 2009

just got engagedthis past sunday one of my good friends went through on his word and got engaged!  it’s unbelievable, and not, at the same time.  he’s been going out with his gf for years now and now that she’s done school and he’s fairly established in his career, he decided that, in the words of bruce buffer, the official announcer for the ufc:


ok, he didn’t say it like that nor was that the sentiment.  all i know is that he went for it and is super happy he did 🙂


that being said, it now begs the question “when am i going to do it?”  thanks d-man!  [can you feel the oozing sarcasm!] lol!  i have a feeling that since you did it, that liza is going to expect it sooner from me.  not that i’m delaying it at all!  i’m not.  i just want to do things my way and have some fanfare to the whole ordeal 😉  i can’t lie to you and say i don’t feel the pressure now though.  i remember back when i was working in the call center and going out with this girl who also worked there.  every time i turned around either one of my friends or hers were getting married or having a baby!  crazy!  and she would lay on the pressure, concerned if we were going to get there too!  ugh.  needless to say i didn’t end up with her but that’s the last time i felt so much pressure to move along.  at least this time i believe i’m ready!  big difference!  lol!


i thought that i wouldn’t have to think about it until i got a new job but then i thought that this is definitely just procrastination talking.  i know that if i use that excuse that i’ll use the ‘i should wait until i’m settled in my new position’ excuse to even more prolong it.  i’m good!  i can actually manipulate any situation into an excuse if i want to.  a gift and a curse 😦


well, i guess i just wanted to write that i’m really happy for my buddy and his girlfriendnew fiance! 


when i think about it, i’m actually looking forward to joining the ranks of the ENGAGED soon my friends…soon indeed.

ring in hand

21 08 2009

so i finally picked up the “ring”!  i put the “ring” in quotations because it’s still unreal; at least it feels unreal still.  i can’t believe that i spent so much on something so small.  but it’s what she likes and damn if i don’t love her enough to get what she wants.  actually i’m pretty sure she wanted something BIGGER but according to my jeweler, that’s something i can put off for later save for an anniversary 🙂

and now i have to figure out how to give it to her.  do i set up something elaborate or have a romantical [yes i know it’s not a real word] intimate thing?  i know she’d like anything that doesn’t draw attention to her something small but i haven’t waited all these years to do small.  originally i had in mind a hall, a band, all our friends, a video compilation, and some karaoke but i don’t know how realistic that will be to get together.  next i’m thinking scavenger hunt but that’s a bit [insert word that means too obvious].  whatever i do i have to do it relatively soon.  i’m terrible at procrastination and i don’t want to do that!

i’m wondering if i should post pics of the ring here.  part of me thinks it’s cool but the other part says she’d be pissed that the world got to see the ring before she did.  i think i’ll hold off.  good call huh 😉

day trip in pics

16 08 2009

so here’s the trip in a series of pictures. from the early morning border lineup at 7am, to my girlfriend’s response to my blogging in the car about her, to the fricken coffee stain (thanks macdonald’s!), to eating at ruby’s diner in alderwood mall and her pointing out a toy electric train that constantly circles the restaurant, to finally the border lineup coming home at 10 pm.

we didn’t get stopped at the border and claimed everything! no extra duty! whew 🙂

damn my girlfiend

15 08 2009

in my experience the words girlfriend and tyrant can be in the same sentence. today that is the case; rather it’s always the case when she gets it in her head to down to Seattle on a “shopping” excursion. this will inevitably happen on a saturday morning after I go out and party on a Friday. this weekend is no different. last nite we went out “together” which is rare for a Friday because that’s my nite with the boys. but it was our friend’s anniversary so we went together.

I should preface this by saying she said we might not be going down because of some game that was happening down there and the border lineup would be crazy. I took this as “we’re probably not going” and partied accordingly. unfortunately what this meant is we’re going and instead of waking up at 6am (which is way to early for saturday anyway) we’ll get up at 630am. crap!

so at 630 she sitting on top of me in bed all chipper, dressed, and ready to tackle the American malls. I’m hoping that it’s all just a bad dream. nope! tyrant girl is now in army drill sergeant mode! “get up! let’s go go go! the border is still not busy!” lies…we both know that by the time we drive there it’ll be busy.

so here we are at the pacific truck crossing with a hour and a half wait.

things to note:

1. she forgot her phone so it will be hard for me to take off to whatever stores I want to go to because she can’t just call me when she’s done at forever 21. going to be a long day.

2. I spilled coffee on my fricken white t-shirt so now I have to buy something or look like a slob the rest of the day. sucks.

3. micky d’s in the morning is always good. especially since they changed their coffee to the newer premium brand!

I hate coffee stains!