true blood sucks (it’s a vampire joke!) – it rocks :)

26 08 2010


i just started getting into true blood over the last month or so and i’ve got to say that i wish i had started watching it from the beginning!  i have to admit that i didn’t know what to expect when i first starting watching it.  all i did know is that i didn’t want to be watching more twilight crap vampire themes that tend to disappoint me.  but i find that the characters, coupled with great vampire sex and violence story arcs, are really engaging 🙂

if i was to have one small criticism of true blood it would be that there are not enough hot women on the show.  don’t get me wrong, i love watching anna paquin naked as much as the next guy, but let’s mix it up a bit more.  and i know we’re in the deep south but throw an asian girl down there…give her some fangs.  could be fun!

since the episodes i saw recently were so good i decided to watch the series from the beginning.  good move!  and it only took three days of gettting straight home from work, not eating or working out to get through and caught up 🙂  unfortunately there are only 2 more episodes left in the season…then what am i to do?   any suggestions?


entourage rocks!

24 08 2009

entourageso i’ve recently gotten into entourage and i have to say i wish that i hadn’t waited so long to check it out!  i used to watch an episode here and there but i didn’t want to commit to another show as my list of “don’t miss shows on tv” was way too long!  but all of my friends were into it so i decided that i’d one day watch all the seasons and catch up.  well that day is finally here!  and again i must ask- WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG????


i’ve just finished seasons 1, 4, 5, and 6 (up to date at least) and i’m hooked.  actually i’ve been hooked since initially catching up on season 6 via shaw on demand 🙂  currently getting ahold of season 2 and 3 and i’m good!  what i love about this show is that it’s about guys!  guys doing guy things [you know what i mean].  it’s sex and the city for men but better!  the writers have really nailed the relationships between the characters and of course the actors are perfect.  it’s like watching a show about me and my guy friends.  we’d probably be exactly like this if we had the chance!  seriously, screwing chicks, smoking week, and partying…pretty much the definition of fun [not verbatim of course but you get the idea] 😉  i think we all know a vince, an eric, a turtle, a drama (seriously…what a great name!), and hopefully an ari (just to keep things interesting).  but to have them all inhabit one show weekly…awesome!


anyway, i recommend the series to anyone reading!  and if i ever get the chance to meet the writers and actors, all i want to do is shake their hands and say well done men!