another one bites the dust

24 08 2009

just got engagedthis past sunday one of my good friends went through on his word and got engaged!  it’s unbelievable, and not, at the same time.  he’s been going out with his gf for years now and now that she’s done school and he’s fairly established in his career, he decided that, in the words of bruce buffer, the official announcer for the ufc:


ok, he didn’t say it like that nor was that the sentiment.  all i know is that he went for it and is super happy he did 🙂


that being said, it now begs the question “when am i going to do it?”  thanks d-man!  [can you feel the oozing sarcasm!] lol!  i have a feeling that since you did it, that liza is going to expect it sooner from me.  not that i’m delaying it at all!  i’m not.  i just want to do things my way and have some fanfare to the whole ordeal 😉  i can’t lie to you and say i don’t feel the pressure now though.  i remember back when i was working in the call center and going out with this girl who also worked there.  every time i turned around either one of my friends or hers were getting married or having a baby!  crazy!  and she would lay on the pressure, concerned if we were going to get there too!  ugh.  needless to say i didn’t end up with her but that’s the last time i felt so much pressure to move along.  at least this time i believe i’m ready!  big difference!  lol!


i thought that i wouldn’t have to think about it until i got a new job but then i thought that this is definitely just procrastination talking.  i know that if i use that excuse that i’ll use the ‘i should wait until i’m settled in my new position’ excuse to even more prolong it.  i’m good!  i can actually manipulate any situation into an excuse if i want to.  a gift and a curse 😦


well, i guess i just wanted to write that i’m really happy for my buddy and his girlfriendnew fiance! 


when i think about it, i’m actually looking forward to joining the ranks of the ENGAGED soon my friends…soon indeed.


never stop moving!

12 08 2009

never stop moving is my new mantra.  This past January I was forced to “given the opportunity” to decide whether or not I was going to continue my career within a company that I had given 11 years to or to move along with my severance package and look for something new.  I chose to look for something new take an extended vacation.  After about three months I started to get bored and thought I should decide on what my next career step would be.  I decided to go back to school and upgrade my education.  So six courses later (and a practicum left to do) I’m now in the middle of August.  Now what?  I find that when I take too much time to start thinking about the next step I being to find ways of procrastinating.  Not good!

Never Stop Moving!  I need to find another corporate ladder to climb and soon.  So my goals for the next two months are to complete my practicum so I can graduate by November and apply for a gazillion jobs (one of which will be what I’ve been looking for all my life…or so I’m hoping).  My commitment to myself is to keep moving forward.  I listened to a success cd recently where the interviewee talked about the Principle of Five.  Basically it means doing five things everyday that will help you achieve your goals.  If you have an axe and take five whacks a day to cut down a tree, even the largest tree in the forest will eventually fall.  I like the analogy and hence I’m incorporating the principle into my life.

Not only am I changing careers, I’m moving to change my status from eternal bachelor to happy married guy.  It’s been a long journey to marriage and I’m almost there!  I’ve got the awesome girl that I’m in love with; I know her bad and good habits; my family loves her; she’s smart, sexy, and good to my friends.  You’d think it’d be easy to take the next step with someone like that.  But not for me!  Nope, I’ve had a fear of commitment some issues in the past but I’m ready to move forward and seal the deal.

First obstacle, the ring.  She said she likes “simple” but simple is not as simple as simple sounds!  Lucky we went around to a few places and finally found something close to what she liked.  Then, of course, we went to more places where she eventually found what she really liked.  But not totally.  In my opinion, it’s all about the customization for girls.  Can’t just take something off the rack so to speak.  That’s what a guy would do though.  I’m supposed to pick it up this week.  Made from scratch.  Hopefully it’s exactly what she wants (or heads will roll…maybe mine?).

The first step in overcoming life’s obstacles is to, well, take a first step.  I’ll let you know how the ring thing goes.  Next obstacle is the proposal.  She wants nothing that draws attention to her.  I want something that will rain down attention.  I’m going to win this one.

and so it starts…

12 08 2009

For anyone who comes across this blog…awesome!  I started this blog for many reasons of which I will list:

  1. Have you ever come across stuff where you say to yourself – WTF?  This gives me a way to expound on that.
  2. I’ve been a bachelor for all of my [fill in blank] years and I’ve finally found the girl that I’ll be “hopefully” spending the rest of my life with.  I wanted to chronicle this for future bachelors so that they can avoid the pitfalls that I may not.  And I’m kinda scared to death of what the next part of my life will be like…but I’ve got to get there first.
  3. I’ve got many interests and I’d like to share my opinions and expertise regarding them – Leadership, Motivation, Learning and Development, Film-making, Movies, Acting, Fitness, and Technology.
  4. Lastly I’m here to have some fun.  Join in and comment!  I love discussion and feedback.