and so it starts…

12 08 2009

For anyone who comes across this blog…awesome!  I started this blog for many reasons of which I will list:

  1. Have you ever come across stuff where you say to yourself – WTF?  This gives me a way to expound on that.
  2. I’ve been a bachelor for all of my [fill in blank] years and I’ve finally found the girl that I’ll be “hopefully” spending the rest of my life with.  I wanted to chronicle this for future bachelors so that they can avoid the pitfalls that I may not.  And I’m kinda scared to death of what the next part of my life will be like…but I’ve got to get there first.
  3. I’ve got many interests and I’d like to share my opinions and expertise regarding them – Leadership, Motivation, Learning and Development, Film-making, Movies, Acting, Fitness, and Technology.
  4. Lastly I’m here to have some fun.  Join in and comment!  I love discussion and feedback.